With us you can rent a golf cart, trolley and golf club set.

Rental prices:

Buggy (18 year age limit)

400 NOK

Buggy w/ medical certificate (18 year age limit)

300 NOK


80 NOK


300 NOK

No person under 18 years are allowed to drive a Buggy, rental or private, on the golf course area!

  • These regulations are accepted upon receipt of the keys to the golf cart. Violation of the regulations may result in expulsion.
  • The tenant and driver must be 18 years of age.
  • The tenant is responsible for the key until it is received in Proshop.
  • The cost of the loss of the key is borne by the tenant.
  • The golf cart is the tenant's responsibility.
  • The tenant can be held responsible for damages that occur during the rental period.
  • The golf cart must only be used when the hirer is present.
  • The car must only be used on the Golfalpin golf course's grounds.
  • The car must not be used by more than two people, and it is not permitted to stand at the back of the car while driving.
  • Provisions on the use of alcohol when renting/using a golf cart are the same as when driving a car on public roads.
  • The tenant must comply with referrals from the golf club's staff. This also applies if it becomes necessary to limit or stop the use of a golf cart during a round of golf.
  • The car must be parked at a good distance from the green, and it is under no circumstances allowed to drive a golf car between green bunkers and greens.
  • As far as possible, the golf car must use roads and paths on the course. Driving on fairways and roughs must be done with care and consideration.
  • At the end of the rental period, the golf car must be immediately put in its place, locked and the car must be cleaned and any faults or defects must be reported to the Proshop.
  • A discount is given to players with a medical certificate.
  • The golf carts are insured for personal injury to the driver and passengers. In the event of damage, the renter's deductible is paid.