If you come from afar, live in the area, or have a cabin on the Golfalpin cabin field, we wish you a great day on the course. Our golf crew works hard to ensure that the golf course is in top condition and we want all feedback - praise and criticism :)

Our facilities are; training facility with driving range, chip and putting green, toilets b/driving range and by the Proshop. Cafe with beer and wine rights. Good parking conditions.

Proshop is located between holes 10 and 9.

We offer Pro lessons, club fitting and club repair.

We regularly have tournaments where everyone is welcome to participate (follow along in the golf box under Hallingdal golf club local tournaments. Hallingdal GK is the golf club with affiliation at our golf course)

There is plenty of accommodation in the area and we work with;

The green fee applies 24 hours a day for everyone who is going to play golf, apart from those who have the right to play. See prices here.

Before you play, you must find free time and register in Golfbox, under Hallingdal golf club.

Remember to register in Proshop no later than 15 minutes before you go out, this to confirm your start time. Enter your name and/or membership number.

To play, you must be a member of a golf club. Gambling on the course without paying a green fee is reported to the Norwegian Golf Association. You are also expelled from the pitch and fined NOK. 1000,-