The green fee applies around the clock, and applies to everyone who is going to play golf, apart from those who have the right to play.

Pay Green fee outside Proshop opening hours: VIPPS 522110. Choose Green Fee Voksen kr 580 or Green Fee jJr (t.o.m. 19) kr. 290,-

Before you play, you must find free time and register in Golfbox, under Hallingdal golf club.

Remember to register in Proshop no later than 15 minutes before you go out, this to confirm your Tee time. Enter your name and/or membership number.

To play, you must be a member of a golf club. Gambling on the course without paying a green fee is reported to the Norwegian Golf Association. You are also expelled from the pitch and fined NOK. 1000,-

Prices 2023


580 NOK

Greenfee Junior (up to 19 år)

290 NOK

Norwegian senior citizen golf
Monday throughout Thursday 300 NOK
Friday throughout Sunday regular prices.